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MYCOTAXON 133(1) was published on April 25, 2018.

The 2018 July volume, Mycotaxon 133-2, is open for submissions and scheduled for an August2018 release. We have had some delays due to family emergencies. Please be patient with us. Your manuscripts are arriving and we look forward to the next issue!

A special print version of Mycotaxon honoring Dick Korf is available for purchase (full color).


Mycotaxon is an international scientific quarterly restricted to papers on the taxonomy and nomenclature of fungi. This includes monographic works, reviews of taxonomic groups and/or taxonomic criteria, arguments dealing with specific nomenclatural problems, proceedings of symposia on taxonomic or nomenclatural matters, and mycobiotas providing full taxonomic descriptions and illustrations. Papers that deal with other mycological disciplines (cytology, ecology, genetics, phylogenetics, physiology, etc.) should be submitted to another journal unless their primary focus is taxonomic.

Mycotaxon is unusual among scientific journals in that authors obtain their own peer reviews before submission by contacting two scientific experts in their field outside the senior author’s home institution. Authors should download the guides and forms from Instructions to Authors webpage before contacting their reviewers. After receiving approval by both experts, authors should send manuscripts first to the Nomenclature Editor, <PennycookS@LandcareResearch.co.nz>, who assigns numbers and conducts the initial editorial review. Thereafter, when sending subsequent messages to the Editors, MAKE CERTAIN to include your assigned MS # on the subject line of all emails.

Articles may be of any length, with a required page charge of $20 per published page in the journal. Authors with sufficient funds to pay the additional open access fee of $20 per page are urged to select that option to make their papers available for free download to all Internet users immediately after publication.

Subscriber-authors (those who subscribe to MYCOTAXON) are granted six free pages per year. Two or more subscriber authors may combine their individual six free pages for longer joint manuscripts to offset page charges.
Mycotaxon publishes only taxonomic and nomenclatural papers in its online journal. Mycotaxon also hosts PDFs of detailed ecological or distributional lists on the Mycotaxon weblist page. These mycobiotas have no page limitation and may be formatted as the authors wish. Once posted, mycobiotas are free access to all Internet users. The fee for posting these mycobiotas on the Mycotaxon website is $40/posting.


We are pleased to announce free access to a downloadable version of Grégoire L. Hennebert's archive, The 100 Years of MUCL 1894-1994, published by Mycotaxon, Ltd. Dick Korf's 2011 invited talk at the VII Congress of Latin American Mycology, Dreams and Nightmares of Latin American Ascomycete Taxonomists, is also online. Dick Korf's reading of Stephen Vincent Benét's epic book length poem, John Brown's Body, originally issued in 2006 as a 12-disc CD audio book, can now be streamed online.

We also remind readers that Mycotaxon, Ltd. has become the North American distributor for an essential reference book, List of fungi recorded in Japan, by Ken Katumoto, 2010. Every library serving a fungal taxonomist should have this on its shelves.

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