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Minnis, Andrew M. , Walter J. Sundberg, Andrew S. Methven, Sedonia D. Sipes & Daniel L. Nickrent. Annulate Pluteus species: a study of the genus Chamaeota in the United States. Mycotaxon 96: 31 - 39. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Chamaeota is a rare agaric genus traditionally classified in the Pluteaceae. The present work offers a treatment of the two species described from the United States. Historical records, morphological and anatomical examinations of type and other collections, and molecular data from nuclear LSU rDNA sequences were studied. Typifications of Annularia mammillata and A. sphaerospora are offered for nomenclatural stability. Chamaeota sphaerospora is synonymized with C. mammillata and the new combination Pluteus mammillatus is proposed.

KEYWORDS: Agaricales, taxonomy, Hispidoderma, lectotype, epitype

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