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Bungartz, Frank. New and previously unrecorded saxicolous species of Buellia s.l. with one-septate ascospores from the Greater Sonoran Desert Region. Mycotaxon 90: 81-123. 2004.

ABSTRACT: The following species of Buellia s.l. from the Greater Sonoran Desert Region are described new to science: Buellia nashii, B. navajoensis, B. regineae and B. sheardii. A valid description is provided for B. lepidastroidea, a name introduced by Imshaug, but never validly published. Buellia argillicola is reported from the Sonoran Region for the first time. A single record of the rare and unusual B. vilis is reported from Arizona. Buellia novomexicana and B. fusca are synonymized with B. tyrolensis. Detailed descriptions are provided for all these species. In addition a dichotomous key includes all saxicolous species with one-septate ascospores currently known from the Greater Sonoran Desert Region.

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, lichenized ascomycetes, Physciaceae, new species, dichotomous key



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