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Das, Kanad , Jai Ram Sharma & Leticia Montoya. Lactarius in Kumaon Himalaya 3: A new species of subgenus Lactifluus. Mycotaxon 90: 285-289. 2004.

ABSTRACT: An undescribed Lactarius species in subgenus Lactifluus, has been found in Kumaon Himalaya. The combination of features with regard to basidiome and latex color, basidiospore form, and thick walled hymenial cystidioid elements distinguish this new species, L. capitatus, from its close relative, Lactarius luteolus of U.S.A. The basidiomes of the species described here were found growing under Quercus leucotrichophora in subtropical deciduous forests.

KEYWORDS: macrofungi, Russulaceae, taxonomy, India, ectomycorrhizal fungi

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