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Chlebicki, Andrzej & Markéta Suková. Fungi of 'alpine islands' of Dryas octopetala in the Carpathians. Mycotaxon 90: 153-176. 2004.

ABSTRACT: 39 ascomycete fungi and some anamorphs are reported from the Western and Eastern Carpathians, among them 'Lachnum crystallophorum', Leptosphaeria holmiorum, Odontotrema alpinum and Urceolella dryadicola. Analysis of Dryas-specific fungi of the Carpathians, Alps, Scandinavia and the Urals shows some similarities between these areas. This indicates that the Carpathian population of Dryas octopetala has been influenced by migrational waves of Dryas, as much from the west (the Alps), as from the east (the Urals and Scandinavia). The most similar populations were found in the Malá Fatra Mts., Chochské vrchy Mts., Západné (Zachodnie) Tatry Mts., Vysoké Tatry Mts. and Bielanske Tatry Mts. The most distinct and isolated areas is the western part of the Tatry Mts., named the Zachodnie Tatry Mts., which have a greater number of exclusive species and a single endemite, Melanomma margaretae. The dispersion of fungi in smaller 'islands' is mostly accidental, resulting from the decline of the host population and the extinction of fungi that follows it.

KEYWORDS: arcto-alpine fungi, distribution, mycogeography

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