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Antonín, Vladimír . New species of marasmioid genera (Basidiomycetes, Tricholomataceae) from tropical Africa III. Marasmius sect. Sicci. Mycotaxon 89: 399-422. 2004.

ABSTRACT: Twelve new tropical African taxa of Marasmius sect. Sicci (M. confertus var. tenuicystidiatus, M. confertus var. parvisporus, M. ferruginacies, M. ferruginoides, M. longistipitatus, M. pseudotorquescens, M. rammelooi, M. robertsii, M. rubro-stipitatus, M. striaepileus, M. tanougouensis, M. xestocephaloides) are described and briefly discussed.

KEYWORDS: Agaricales, new taxa, tanonomy, nomenclature

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