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Dai, Yu-Cheng & Sheng-Hua Wu. Megasporoporia (Aphyllophorales, Basidiomycota) in China. Mycotaxon 89: 379-388. 2004.

ABSTRACT: The knowledge on the species of Megasporoporia (Aphyllophorales, Basidiomycota) from China is summarised in this paper, and four species in the genus are recorded from the country. An identification key, including statistical variations of the spore dimensions of each species, is supplied. Two new species, Megasporoporia quercina and M. subcavernulosa, are described and illustrated. M. quercina is characterized by its perennial habit, extensive basidiocarps, the abundance of hyphal pegs at dissepiment edges and tube walls, smaller basidiospores, and by its growth on fallen trunks of Quercus. M. subcavernulosa resembles M. cavernulosa, but differs by having smaller basidiospores, and by the presence of both hyphal pegs and dendrohyphidia. Moreover, M. cavernulosa is widely distributed in tropical America and Africa, while M. subcavernulosa is found in temperate and warm temperate areas of East Asia. Specimens of M. setulosa collected from China were studied, and their basidiospores are smaller than in specimens from tropical America.

KEYWORDS: polypores, taxonomy, wood-rotting fungi

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