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Blaszkowski, Janusz , Iwona Adamska & Beata Czerniawska. Glomus insculptum, a new arbuscular mycorrhizal species from Poland. Mycotaxon 89: 225-234. 2004.

ABSTRACT: A new ectocarpic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal species, Glomus insculptum (Glomerales, Glomeromycota), was found in inland sand dunes of southern Poland. Glomus insculptum produces yellow-colored spores that are globose to subglobose, (50-)71(-85) Ám diam, or ovoid, 55-60 x 80-85 Ám, and have a spore wall composed of two layers. The outer layer is permanent and the inner layer is laminate and ornamented with round pits evenly distributed on its inner surface. Glomus insculptum forms arbuscular mycorrhizae in single-species pot cultures with Plantago lanceolata.

KEYWORDS: Glomeromycota, mycorrhizae, new species

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