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Aptroot, André, Lidia I. Ferraro, Ming-Jou Lai, Harrie J. M. Sipman & Laurens B. Sparrius. Foliicolous lichens and their lichenicolous ascomycetes from Yunnan and Taiwan. Mycotaxon 88: 41 - 47. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Foliicolous lichens from Taiwan and foliicolous lichens and their lichenicolous ascomycetes from the Xishuangbanna region in Yunnan are reported, based on recent field work by some of the authors. The vast majority of the species encountered are new records for China and/or Taiwan. Musaespora coccinea, so far only known from Papua New Guinea, is reported from two countries on the Northern hemisphere, viz. Brunei and China, and from Queensland in Australia. The accompanying species in the three collecting localities are listed, with all species mentioned from Brunei being new records for that country.

KEYWORDS: China, Australia, Brunei, Musaespora

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