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Camino, M., G. Moreno, A. Castillo & C. Illana. Revision of the family Stemonitaceae in Cuba. Mycotaxon 88: 315 - 331. 2003.

ABSTRACT: The material belonging to the family Stemonitaceae in Cuba and deposited mainly in HAJB is reviewed, as well as the scarce and old Cuban material of this family that is deposited in international herbaria. As a result of this revision, 129 collections of nine species are listed. All the species are commented upon and descriptions of two species by interest in the material are included. Stemonitopsis hyperopta is new record for Cuba. A Cuban record of Comatricha elegans is deleted. The determinations are reinforced by studies of the sporal ornamentation by SEM using the critical point method. Micrographs of the spore ornamentation of species little studied by SEM or that are of particular interest for the island biota are included.

KEYWORDS: Myxomycetes, Stemonitales, Comatricha, Lamproderma, Stemonaria, Stemonitis, Stemonitopsis, SEM, taxononomy, chorology, Neotropics

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