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Barr, Margaret E. The affinities of Thyridaria. Mycotaxon 88: 271 - 278. 2003.

ABSTRACT: The varied dispositions of Thyridaria in the past are summarized. Important features of the genus are the presence of abundant subiculum surrounding ascomata, frequent occurrence of bright pigmentation in hyphae and ostioles, melanommatalean hamathecium and asci, and formation of wide, dark pachysepta and walls in ascospores. Thyridaria is assigned to the Didymosphaeriaceae; variations within and among the species in other genera of the family are noted. Two new species are presented: T. arizonica and T. aurantiolutea, and one new combination T. maculans is proposed.

KEYWORDS: Didymosphaeriaceae, Melanommatales, saprotrophic fungi, pachysepta

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