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Bhatt, R. P., R. E. Tulloss, K. C. Semwal, V. K. Bhatt, J.-M. Moncalvo & S. L. Stephenson. Amanitaceae reported from India. A critically annotated checklist. Mycotaxon 88: 249 - 270. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Since the appearance of Amanitaceae of India in 1990, there has been no publication addressing the current state of knowledge of the family in India. The present paper represents a step toward filling this gap and providing an updated list of those members of the Amanitaceae described, illustrated or listed from different parts of India to date. The list includes 53 names, of which 50 names are combined in Amanita and the rest in Limacella. Revision of collections determined originally as European or North American taxa has yielded fifteen new records for India: A. avellaneosquamosa, A. caesareoides, A. clarisquamosa, A. concentrica, A. exitialis, A. liquii, A. oberwinklerana, A. orientigemmata, A. pantherina var. lutea, A. pseudoporphyria, A. pseudovaginata, A. rubrovolvata, A. subjunquillea var. subjunquillea, A. subjunquillea var. alba, and A. umbrinolutea. It is projected that the number of Amanita taxa in India may exceed 100.

KEYWORDS: China, Himalayan region, Japan

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