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Esqueda, Martín , Teófilo Herrera, Evangelina Pérez-Silva & Alfonso Sánchez. Distribution of Geastrum species from some priority regions for conservation of biodiversity of Sonora, Mexico. Mycotaxon 87: 445 - 456. 2003.

ABSTRACT: With the purpose of contributing to the knowledge of the taxonomy and ecology of the species of Geastrum, three priority regions for conservation of biodiversity from Sonora, Mexico were sampled. The survey was conducted during the four seasons of the year in six vegetation types. Sampling localities were characterized by biotic and abiotic factors based upon topographic and subject charts as well as physical and chemical soil analyses. Seventeen species of Geastrum were determined, six are reported for the first time from Sonora, G.pouzarii and G. pseudolimbatum being new records for the Mexican mycobiota. The highest number of specimens were collected in tropical thorn forest and tropical deciduous forest. Although gastrocarps of Geastrum were observed throughout the year, they were more commonly found during summer and autumn.

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, chorology, Gasteromycetes, Geastraceae

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