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F. Esteve-Raventós & A. Ortega. Entoloma alliodorum, a new species of subgenus Claudopus with a garlic odour. Mycotaxon 86: 227 - 232. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Entoloma alliodorum is described as a new species belonging to subgenus Claudopus. It is mainly characterized by its garlic smell, small size, whitish colours and pleurotoid-omphalioid habit. The new species was found in an Abies pinsapo forest in Andalusia (Spain), growing on mosses and rotten debris. Taxonomic comments on other species which share this particular organoleptic character or morphologically similar taxa are made. A photograph of the holotype and line drawings of the microscopic characters are added. The new nomenclatural combinations Entoloma vinaceocontusum and E. graveolens are proposed.

KEYWORDS: Entolomatales, taxonomy


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