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Chlebicki, Andrzej & Ain Raitviir. Some new records and species of dryadicolous fungi from Greenland and northern Asia. Mycotaxon 86: 215 - 226. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Sixteen fungus species were found on leaves, twigs and inflorescences of Dryas integrifolia and D. octopetala s.l. Descriptions, comments and illustrations of four new taxa, Hymenoscyphus dryadis, Leptosphaeria holmiorum, Odontotrema alpinum var. octopartitum and Urceolella dryadicola, are provided. The first records of some dryadicolous fungi from Greenland and Northern Asia are given.

KEYWORDS: Hymenoscyphus, Leptosphaeria, Odontotrema, Urceolella, Arctic


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