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Cao, Z.-M. , Y.-J. Yao & D. N. Pegler. Tricholoma zangii, a new name for T. quercicola M. Zang (Basidiomycetes: Tricholomataceae). Mycotaxon 85: 159 - 164. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Tricholoma zangii is proposed as nomen novum to replace T. quercicola M. Zang (1990), which is a later homonym of T. quercicola (Murr.) Murr. (1949).  Zang's species grows under oak trees or shrubs and is probably a mycorrhizal fungus, whereas Murrill's was originally described from decayed wood at the diseased base of a living laurel oak.  Tricholoma zangii is compared with T. matsutake and considered as a recognisable taxon, based on examination of the original collection of the former from China and of specimens of the latter from China and Japan.  The distribution of T. zangii and its relationship with other species of the T.  matsutake group are also discussed.

KEY WORDS: nomenclature, Tricholoma sect. Caligata, Tricholoma matsutake, China

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