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Fatto, Raymond M. Some Russulas of the subsection Urentinae, Mycotaxon 84: 229-244. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Several species of Russula in subsection Urentinae section Russula are described. A new name, Russula cinereovinosa is assigned to R. cinereopurpurea. Illustrated descriptions are presented for R. macropoda, R. maculata, R. tenuiceps and three new species, R. subtenuiceps, R. fastigiata and R. luteofolia.

KEYWORDS: Basidiomycetes, Russulaceae, eastern North America, ectomycorrhizal, taxonomy

Russula cinereovinosa Fatto, p. 230
Russula fastigiata Fatto, p. 239
Russula luteofolia Fatto, p. 241
Russula subtenuiceps Fatto, p. 236

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