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Chlebicki, Andrzej. Two cypericolous smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) from the Thian Shan and their biogeographic implications, Mycotaxon 83: 279-286. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Two smuts, Anthracoidea elynae and A. stenocarpa sp. nov. were found in northern Thian Shan (Kazakhstan). Anthracoidea stenocarpa is more comparable to A. sempervirentis than it is to A. misandrae or A. altera. All of these species parasitize various species of Carex (section Aulocystis). Occurrence of highly specialized A. stenocarpa on Carex stenocarpa confirms the opinion that the host is a distinct species. A similar species, Anthracoidea nepalensis, previously recorded on Carex haematostoma, appears to be a member of a different Anthracoidea-Carex complex.

KEYWORDS: Anthracoidea stenocarpa, A. sempervirentis, A. elynae, A. nepalensis, Carex, Kobresia, Kazakhstan, Dzhungar Alatau Mts., biogeography

Anthracoidea stenocarpa Chleb., p. 282

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