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Baker, William A., E. Christopher Partridge & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Notes on Hyphomycetes LXXXVII. Rhexoacrodictys, a new segregate genus to accommodate four species previously classified in Acrodictys, Mycotaxon82: 95-113, 2002.

ABSTRACT: Four dematiaceous anamorphs, Acrodictys erecta, A. fimicola, A. fuliginosa, and A. queenslandica, are reclassified in a novel genus, Rhexoacrodictys, on the basis of significant differences in morphology and, particularly, peculiarities of the conidial detachment process, which involves rhexolytic disarticulation. Acrodictys sacchari and A satwalekeri are considered to be conspecific with A. fimicola and A. erecta, respectively, and the former binomials are, consequently, relegated to the status of facultative synonyms. Three of these taxa are redescribed and illustrated. Further comments are made on the heterogeneous nature of Acrodictys.

KEYWORDS: Endophragmiella, Junewangia, generic concepts

Rhexoacrodictys W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 98
Rhexoacrodictys erecta (Ellis & Everh.) W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 99
Rhexoacrodictys fimicola (M.C. Ellis & Gunnell) W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 103
Rhexoacrodictys fuliginosa (B. Sutton) W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 103
Rhexoacrodictys queenslandica (Matsush.) W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 110

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