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Beilharz, Vyrna, I. G. Pascoe & D. G. Parbery. Three new Pseudocercospora species, one with a Mycosphaerella teleomorph, from Kennedia in Australia, Mycotaxon 82: 397-407, 2002.

ABSTRACT: Pseudocercospora kennediicola sp. nov., P. warcupii sp. nov. and P. hopetounensis sp. nov. are described from leaf spots on Kennedia rubicunda, K. prostrata and K. nigricans respectively. P. warcupii, which has an intimately associated Mycosphaerella teleomorph, displays an unusual combination of characters: hyaline conidia, inconspicuous scars and hyaline to pale conidiogenous cells which are generated, in some instances enteroblastically, from the outermost cells of conspicuous brown stromata. The three new species are compared with P. kennediae, a previously described foliar pathogen from Kennedia prostrata, and a key to species is provided.

KEYWORDS: Fabaceae, proliferation, taxonomy, new species

Pseudocercospora hopetounensis Beilharz & Pascoe, p. 402
Pseudocercospora kennediicola Beilharz, Pascoe & Parbery, p. 397
Pseudocercospora warcupii Beilharz, Pascoe & Parbery, p. 400

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