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Beilharz, Vyrna & Ian Pascoe. Two additional species of Verrucisporota, one with a Mycosphaerella teleomorph, from Australia, Mycotaxon 82: 357-365, 2002.

ABSTRACT: Verrucisporota kimberleyana sp. nov. is described as the causal agent of pepper spots on leaves of Capparis sepiara (Capparaceae). Cercospora daviesiae, which causes angular leaf spots on Daviesia spp. (Fabaceae) is recombined into Verrucisporota and its teleomorph described as Mycosphaerella daviesicola sp. nov.

KEYWORDS: Daviesia, Capparis, Verrucispora, Fabaceae, Capparaceae

Mycosphaerella daviesicola Beilharz & Pascoe, p. 364
Verrucisporota daviesiae (Cooke & Massee) Beilharz & Pascoe, p. 360
Verrucisporota kimberleyana Beilharz & Pascoe, p. 358

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