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Castillo, A., G. Moreno, C. Illana, & H. Singer. Notes on two violet species belonging to Physarales (Myxomycetes), Mycotaxon 82: 347-356, 2002.

ABSTRACT: Based on macro- and microscopic study of type material, three species of genera of the Physarales with violet sporocarps are compared: Craterium paraguayense, C. rubescens and Physarum newtonii. The synonymy of C. rubescens and C. paraguayense is confirmed and this taxon has proven to be different from P. newtonii. SEM micrographs of the spore ornamentations are included.

KEYWORDS: Craterium paraguayense, Craterium rubescens, Myxomycota, Physarum newtonii, Spanish mycota, taxonomy


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