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Clark, Jim, Martin Schnittler & Steven L. Stephenson. Biosystematics of the myxomycete Arcyria cinerea, Mycotaxon 82: 343-346, 2002.

ABSTRACT: Seven isolates of the small brownish ochraceous form and six isolates of the small long-stalked pallid form of the myxomycete Arcyria cinerea were cultured from spore to spore on agar. Three of the small pallid isolates from Ecuador were heterothallic and belonged to two sympatric biological sibling species: A1 containing the Ecu 3 isolate and A2 containing the Ecu 1 and Ecu 2 isolates. The other ten isolates were nonheterothallic. Plasmodial fusion studies also indicated that these ten nonheterothallic isolates were divided into nine genetically different clonal lines that also did not fuse with any of the three heterothallic isolates. Morphological examination of these isolates indicated that several of the small brownish ochraceous isolates matched the description of Arcyria pomiformis with the exception that they lacked papillae on the inner calyculus. Since, in this study, the brownish ochraceous form of A. cinerea appears to be as close to A. pomiformis as it is to the grey form of A. cinerea, further studies including more isolates are needed to unravel this morphological complex.

KEYWORDS: Arcyria pomiformis, myxomycetes, nonheterothallism


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