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Adamcík, Slavomír. Taxonomy of the Russula xerampelina group. Part 2. Taxonomic and nomenclatural study of Russula xerampelina and R. erythropoda, Mycotaxon 82: 241-267, 2002.

ABSTRACT: Four taxa of Russula sect. Xerampelinae with purple, purple-brown or red brown pileus cuticle associated with coniferous trees occurring in Europe are accepted: Russula amoenipes, R. xerampelina var. xerampelina, R. xerampelina var. tenuicarnosa and R. favrei. Circumscription of R. xerampelina, the species considered in recent literature as synonymous with R. erythropoda, as in the original description, suggests that it fits better with R. favrei than with R. erythropoda. In order to avoid disadvantageous changes in the nomenclature a neotype is proposed for R. xerampelina. A neotype is designated for R. erythropoda. The new variety, R. xerampelina var. tenuicarnosa, is described. A key and detailed descriptions of observed taxa are given. R. atrosanguinea is treated as synonym of R. xerampelina and other not validly published or misapplied names are listed. The taxonomy and nomenclature of R. xerampelina, R. erythropoda, R. amoenipes, R. favrei and other names of related or similar taxa are discussed.

KEYWORDS: Russula xerampelina var. tenuicarnosa, R. amoenipes, R. favrei, R. atrosanguinea, taxonomy, nomenclature, Slovakia

Russula xerampelina (Schaeff.) Fr. var. tenuicarnosa Adamcík, p. 263

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