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Dimou, Dimitrios M., Georgios I. Zervakis & Elias Polemis. Mycodiversity studies in selected ecosystems of Greece: I. Macrofungi from the southernmost Fagus forest in the Balkans (Oxya Mountain, central Greece), Mycotaxon 82: 177-205, 2002.

ABSTRACT: Greece shows a high degree of diversity, but very limited information exists on the occurrence and distribution of macrofungi. Intensive foraying in the Oxya Mountain (central Greece) revealed a large number of fungal species previously unreported. In this paper, a total of 213 species belonging to 100 genera, recorded in the beech forest of the mountain (which is the southernmost in Balkans) and in the adjacent alpine zone, are presented together with details on their habit, habitat and taxonomic status. Sixty five infraspecific taxa are new records for Greece, while 11 species (Botryohypochnus isabellinus, Byssoporia terrestris, Crustomyces subabruptus, Dentipellis fragilis, Endoptychum agaricoides, Gloeocystidiellum leucoxanthum, Leucocortinarius bulbiger, Mycenastrum corium, Oxyporus corticola, Physisporinus vitreus and Tyromyces chioneus) represent first records for the respective genera. Two species known up to now from coastal areas (Xerula xeruloides and Geastrum schmidelii) were recorded in this mountain. In addition, 51 species were recorded for the first time in Fagus forests or in alpine areas of Greece and two of them (Byssoporia terrestris and Ceriporiopsis subvermispora) were recorded for the first time on Fagus in Europe. The occurrence of several other species extends to the south their known distribution limits for Europe, while many taxa are typical representatives of the Mediterranean mycoflora.

KEYWORDS: macromycetes, biodiversity, Mediterranean region, mushrooms, beech


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