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D’Souza, Maria, Sanjay K. Singh & D. J. Bhat. New conidial fungi from Andaman Islands, India, Mycotaxon 82: 133-143, 2002.

ABSTRACT: Four new species of litter-inhabiting Hyphomycetes are described from the forests of Middle Andaman Island, India. These are: (1) Argopericonia indiraei sp. nov, characterized by catenate, globose, hyaline blastic conidia developing on flexuous conidiophores with discrete conidiogenous cells; (2) Virgatospora natarajensis sp. nov., producing fusiform, non-septate, olive green to dark brown, phialidic conidia with longitudinal surface ridges on erect synnematous conidiomata, both isolated from decaying leaves of Calamus thwaitesii; (3) Phialocephala vittalensis sp. nov. with catenate, 1-septate, pale brown, phialidic conidia developing on apically branched conidiophores; and (4) Stratiphoromyces raghukumarensis sp. nov. producing fusiform, curved, 1-septate, phialidic conidia on percurrently regenerating conidiophores, isolated from fallen leaves of Caryota urens.

KEYWORDS: Hyphomycetes, taxonomy, litter biodiversity, Agropericonia indiraei, Phialocephala vittalensis, Stratiphoromyces raghukumarensis, Virgatospora natarajanensis

Argopericonia indiraei D'Sousa, S.K. Singh & Bhat, p. 135
Phialocephala vittalensis D'Sousa, S.K. Singh & Bhat, p. 137
Stratiphoromyces raghukumarensis D'Sousa, S.K. Singh & Bhat, p. 139
Virgatospora natarajanensis D'Sousa, S.K. Singh & Bhat, p. 141

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