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Abbasi, M., Gh. A. Hedjaroude, H. B. Gjaerum, & M. Scholler. Puccinia ariorum sp. nov. and other noteworthy graminicolous rust fungi (Uredinales) from Iran. Mycotaxon 81: 435-444. 2002.

ABSTRACT: This article lists one new Puccinia species and six otherwise noteworthy Iranian rust fungi (Uredinales) on Poaceae. New to science is Puccinia ariorum sp. nov., a species with verrucose teliospores on Bromus danthoniae. Puccinia australis on Cleistogenes serotina, P. fragosoana on Imperata cylindrica, Uromyces ferganensis on Stipa caucasica and S. holosericea, and U. setariae-italicae on Panicum sp. and Setaria glauca are reported for the first time for Iran. Puccinia stipae var. stipina was found for the first time on a telial host (S. pennata subsp. zalesskii and S. holosericea) in Iran, Finally, a very rare species, P. schoenanthi, was found on Cymbopogon olivieri in southern Iran. All specimens are described in detail and some are documented with microphotographs.


Puccinia ariorum M. Abbasi, Hedjar., Gjaerum & M. Scholler, p. 436

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