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Baker, William A., E. Christopher Partridge & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXXV. Junewangia, a genus in which to classify four Acrodictys species and a new taxon. Mycotaxon 81: 293-319. 2002.

ABSTRACT: The curent taxonomic condition and status of Acrodictys is reviewed and found to be unduly heterogeneous. Consideration is given to a number of taxa which are thought to be unsatisfactorily accommodated in this genus and the need for alternative classification thereof is discussed. Four species, A. globulosa, A. lamma, A. martinii, and A. obliqua, together with a newly discovered entity, are placed in a novel, segregate genus, Junewangia. The Acrodictys generic concept is refined in a stricter sense, an emended description is provided, and its type species, A. bambusicola, and two other similar taxa, A. atroapicula and A. elaeidicola, are treated in order to more clearly define, delineate, and particularize the hallmark characteristics of the genus.

KEYWORDS: Generic concepts, Selenosporella-like synanamorphs

Junewangia W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 307
Junewangia globulosa (Tóth) W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 308
Junewangia lamma (Whitton, McKenzie & K.D. Hyde) W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 310
Junewangia martinii (J.L. Crane & Dumont) W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 310
Junewangia obliqua (M.B. Ellis) W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 311
Junewangia sphaerospora W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 312

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