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Baseia, Iuri Goulart & Adauto Ivo Milanez. Cyathus (Gasteromycetes) in areas of the Brazilian cerrado region, São Paulo State. Mycotaxon 80: 493-502. 2001.

ABSTRACT: A survey of Cyathus (Gasteromycetes, Nidulariales), occurrung in the cerrado region of the State of São Paulo (Brazil), was undertaken from November/1998 to April/2000, mostly in the rainy seasons. Several specimens belonging to nine species were identified: Cyathus berkeleyanus, C. limbatus, C. montagnei, C. olla, C. pallidus, C. poeppigii, C. stercoreus, C. striatus and C. triplex. C. olla and C. triplex represent first records from Brazil. Descriptions of the macro and microscopic features from these Cyathus species are given including taxonomic and some ecological data. A key to the species is also presented.

KEYWORDS: Nidulariaceae, taxonomy, lignicolous fungi, first records


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