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Aldana-Gómez, Ruth & Ana E. Franco-Molano. A new species of Gloiocephala from Colombia. Mycotaxon 80: 447-452. 2001.

ABSTRACT: An interesting agaric with a marasmioid habit was collected in Quercus humboldtii forests in western Colombia. The basidiocarp is relatively large, pure white, and viscid. The numerous capitate cystidia in the epicutis, hymenium, and stipe coupled with the macromorphological characteristics suggest that it is a new species of Gloiocephala.

KEYWORDS: Capitate cystidia, Marasmius, quercetorum, Quercus, Agaricales

Gloiocephala quercetorum Aldana-Gómez & Franco-Molano, p. 447

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