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Fogel, Robert & Jack States. Materials for a hypogeous mycoflora of the Great Basin and adjacent cordilleras of the western United States. IV: Zelleromyces rogersonii, sp. nov. (Basidiomycota, Elasmomycetaceae). Mycotaxon 80: 321-326. 2001.

ABSTRACT: A new hypogeous basidiomycete, Zelleromyces rogersonii, associated with Pinus flexilis from western Nevada, United States, is described and illustrated. The putative ballistosporic discharge of its spores raises some questions about the circumscription of the gastroid families Russulaceae and Elasmomycetaceae in the Russulales.

KEYWORDS: Elasmomycetaceae, false-truffles, Russulaceae, sequestrate

Zelleromyces rogersonii Fogel & States, p. 323

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