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Góes-Neto, Aristóteles, Clarice Loguercio-Leite & Rosa Trinidad Guerrero. Morphological cladistic analysis of tropical Hymenochaetales (Basidiomycota). Mycotaxon 79: 467-479. 2001.

ABSTRACT: A cladistic analysis of some tropical Hymenochaetales, based on basidiome morphology, was carried out. The ingroup encompasses 11 tropical hymenochaetalean species, including those of the most diverse genus (Phellinus) and also of three other genera: Aurificaria, Hymenochaete and Phylloporia. Three outgroups were selected: Trichaptum byssogenum, Datronia caperata and Auricularia polytricha. Cladistic analysis using parsimony was performed with NONA 2.0, implemented by WINCLADA 0.9.99. Cladograms were produced using heuristics search with random taxon addition sequences, tree-bisection-reconnection branch swapping. A total of 17 characters were used in the cladistic analysis and treated as non-additive. One most parsimonious cladogram was produced with 30 steps in length, CI = 0.70 and RI = 0.78. Ten putative monophyletic groups were identified. Ingroup monophyly and polyphyletism of the genus Phellinus were supported. Basidiospore wall thickness and basidiospore color exhibited high phylogenetic signal.

KEYWORDS: Basidiome morphology, phylogeny, Hymenochaetaceae


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