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Baker, William A., E. Christopher Partridge & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXXIV. Pseudotrichoconis and Rhexodenticula, two new monotypic genera with rhexolytically disarticulating conidial separating cells. Mycotaxon 79: 361-373. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Two new genera, Pseudotrichoconis and Rhexodenticula, are established for anamorphs previously classified as Trichoconis echinophila and Nakataea cylindrospora, respectively. Both are redescribed and illustrated, the latter from a recent collection made in Alabama. Generic concepts are discussed with particular reference to peculiarities of denticulate conidiophores and the precise nature of conidial detachment. Comparison is made between these taxa and morphologically similar entities.

KEYWORDS: Dactylaria, Nakataea, Ochroconis, Scolecobasidium, generic concepts

Pseudotrichoconis W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 367
Pseudotrichoconis echinophila (C. Massal.) W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 368
Rhexodenticula W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 363
Rhexodenticula cylindrospora (R.F. Castañeda, Saikawa & Hennebert) W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones, p. 363

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