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Gusmão, Luís Fernando Pascholati, Rosely Ana Piccolo Grandi & Adauto Ivo Milanez. Hyphomycetes from leaf litter of Miconia cabussu in a Brazilian Atlantic rain forest. Mycotaxon 79: 201-213. 2001.

ABSTRACT: 55 Hyphomycetes were recorded during an inventory of microfungi associated with leaf litter of Miconia cabussu in a Brazilian Atlantic rain forest fragment in the State of São Paulo. Beltrania malaiensis, Chaetendophragmia trianguaria, Chalara cylindrosperma, C. microspora, Endophragmiella boewei, Henicospora coronata, Menisporopsis pirozynskiii, Rhinocladiella selenoides, Selenodriella perramosa, Selenosporella curvispora, Speiropsis scopiformis, Subulispora longirostrata, Triramulispora gracilis, and Zygosporium echinosporum were collected for the first time in Brazil. Descriptions and comments are provided for the aforementioned taxa.

KEYWORDS: microfungi, mitosporic fungi, South America, "Serra do Mar"


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