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Jarle W. Bjerke & Arve Elvebakk. The sorediate species of the genus Menegazzia (Parmeliaceae, lichenized Ascomycotina) in southermost South America, Mycotaxon 78: 363-392. 2001.

ABSTRACT: The taxonomy, ecology, chemistry and distribution of sorediate species of the genus Menegazzia from the southernmost parts of Chile (the Magellanic Region) and Argentina (Prov. de Tierra del Fuego), and neighbouring South Atlantic islands were studied, in total 9 species. The most common species are M. globulifera, M. magellanica and M. sanguinascens. The latter taxon was previously misunderstood, partly because of the presence of two previously undescribed species: M. kawesqarica, characterized by subcapitate soralia, maculate lobes and the presence of the stictic acid chemosyndrome, and M. chrysogaster, characterized by a yellow internal cavity containing two unidentified pigments, glossy, contiguous lobes, and convex soralia. The remaining four species appear to be rare in the area, but probably are more widespread. Menegazzia fumarprotocetrarica, M. neozelandica and M. norsorediata are reported for the first time from southern Chile, and apothecia of the latter species are described for the first time. Menegazzia tenuis, the sorediate counterpart of M. albida, is reported for the first time from Argentina. Distribution maps and a key are provided.

KEYWORDS: lichens, Menegazzia chrysogaster, Menegazzia kawesqarica, Chile, Argentina

Menegazzia chrysogaster Bjerke & Elvebakk, p. 371
Menegazzia kawesqarica Bjerke & Elvebakk, p. 376

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