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Crous, Pedro W. & Uwe Braun. A reassessment of the Cercospora species described by C. Chupp: specimens deposited at BPI, Maryland, U. S. A., Mycotaxon 78: 327-343. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Cercosporoid specimens lodged at BPI herbarium, including 31 type specimens originally treated by Charles Chupp were examined in the present study. Nine of these taxa are redisposed to Passalora, Pseudocercospora or Stenella. Mycosphaerella shoreae is newly described as the teleomorph of Stenella shoreae, occurring on Shorea talura from India. Pseudocercospora zanthoxylicola is proposed as a new name for Cercospora fagarae Chidd., known on Zanthoxylum budrunga, also from India.

KEYWORDS: Mycosphaerella, Passalora, Pseudocercospora, Stenella, systematics

Mycosphaerella shoreae Crous & U.Braun, p. 339
Passalora ambrosiae (Chupp) Crous & U.Braun, p. 331
Passalora fagarina (Chupp) Crous & U.Braun, p. 332
Passalora lettsomiae (Thirum. & Chupp) Crous & U.Braun, p. 334
Passalora panacis (Thirum. & Chupp) Crous & U.Braun, p. 336
Passalora querci (Chupp) Crous & U.Braun, p. 337
Pseudocercospora pistaciae (Chupp) Crous & U.Braun, p. 338
Pseudocercospora zanthoxylicola Crous & U.Braun, p. 334
Stenella salicis (Chupp & H.C.Greene) Crous & U.Braun, p. 342
Stenella shoreae (Thirum. & Chupp) Crous & U.Braun, p. 339
Stenella solidaginis (Chupp & H.C.Greene) Crous & U.Braun, p. 342

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