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Guzmán, Gastón, Miguel Angel Morón, Florencia Ramírez-Guillén & Jan H. D. Wolf. Entomogenous Cordyceps and related genera from Mexico with discussions on their hosts and new records. Mycotaxon 78: 115-125, 2001.

ABSTRACT: Fifteen species of Cordyceps (Ascomycotina, Hypocreales, Clavicipitaceae) and related genera and their anamorphs parasitic on insects have been recorded from Mexico, of which Cordyceps dipterigena (from the State of Veracruz in a subtropical humid forest on flies of the genus Eucalliphora) and C. pruinosa (from Quintana Roo in a tropical rain forest on an unknown host) are first reported for the country. Cordyceps militaris presents the broadest distribution in the country. The confusion between C. gracilis and C. entomorrhiza is discussed. Cordyceps melolonthae var. rickii only previously known from Chiapas is now reported from two new localities in Chiapas, and from the States of Oaxaca and Veracruz; in Oaxaca and Chiapas on larvae of Enema endymion, and in Veracruz on larvae of Strategus aloeus (both Coleoptera, Melolonthidae, subfam. Dynastinae, tribus Oryctini).

KEYWORDS: Cordyceps dipterigena, C. pruinosa, C. melolonthae var. rickii


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