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Cole,Mariette S. & David L. Hawksworth. Lichenicolous fungi, mainly from the USA, including Patriciomyces gen. nov. Mycotaxon 77: 305-338. 2001.

ABSTRACT: 53 species of fungi growing on lichens are reported from the United States, 10 from Canada, 1 each from Baja California, Mexico, Taiwan, and the U. K. Of these 20 are reported for the first time, and most others are new state records. Abrothallus tulasnei sp. nov., Laeviomyces lecanoricola sp. nov., Nectriopsis cladoniicola sp. nov., Opeographa wetmorei sp. nov., Paranectria oropensis subsp. parvispora subsp. nov., Patriciomyces valentinianus gen. sp. nov., Taeniolella caespitosa sp.nov. and T. laevistipitata sp. nov. are described as new to science. The new combinations Nectriopsis parmeliae (syn. Diplodina parmeliae ) and N. rubifaciens (syn. Nectria rubifaciens ) are also made. Observations are included on some of the more interesting finds, including Homostegia parmeliana previously only reported from the Russian steppes. An analysis of ascospore and conidial sizes of Abrothallus collections on parmelioid lichens led to the recognition of A. microspermus on Flavopunctelia and Punctelia as well as Flavoparmelia and Parmotrema. A key to the four known Laeviomyces species is also included.

KEYWORDS: Ascomycetes, coelomycetes, hyphomycetes, lichens

Abrothallus tulasnei M.S.Cole & D.Hawksw., p. 310
Laeviomyces lecanoricola M.S.Cole & D.Hawksw., p. 316
Nectriopsis cladoniicola M.S.Cole & D.Hawksw., p. 320
Nectriopsis parmeliae (Berk. & M.A.Curtis) M.S.Cole & D.Hawksw., p. 321
Nectriopsis rubifaciens (Ellis & Everh.) M.S.Cole & D.Hawksw., p. 322
Opeographa wetmorei M.S.Cole & D.Hawksw., p. 322
Paranectria oropensis (Ces.) D.Hawksw. & Piroz. subsp. parviseptata M.S.Cole & D.Hawksw., p. 324
Patriciomyces D.Hawksw., p. 327
Patriciomyces valentinianus D.Hawksw., p. 327
Taeniolella caespitosa M.S.Cole & D.Hawksw., p. 332
Taeniolella laevistipitata M.S.Cole & D.Hawksw., p. 334

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