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Barr, Margaret E. Montagnulaceae, a new family in Pleosporales, and lectotypification of Didymosphaerella. Mycotaxon 77: 193-200. 2001.

ABSTRACT: The family Montagnulaceae is introduced in the Pleosporales related to the Cucurbitariaceae. In the Montagnulaceae ascomata are immersed in the substrate, often surrounded by abundant hyphae that may form an apical clypeus, with small-celled pseudoparenchymatous peridium, opening by a well developed papillate apex, asci cylindric or oblong and stipitate, and brown ascospores with walls often ornamented. Three genera are recognized: dictyosporous Montagnula, phragmosporous Kalmusia, and didymosporous Didymosphaerella. The latter genus is here lectotypified by D. longipes; the transfer is proposed of a second species, Sphaeria opulenta, to Didymosphaerella.

KEYWORDS: Montagnula, Kalmusia, Didymosphaerella, clypeate, pappilate ascomatal apex

Didymosphaerella opulenta (De Not.) Checa & M.E.Barr, p. 198

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