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Archer, Alan. W. The lichen genus Graphina (Graphidaceae) in Australia: new reports and new species. Mycotaxon 77: 153-180. 2001.

ABSTRACT: An account of the lichen genus Graphina (Graphidaceae) in Australia is given. Of the 38 taxa recognized, nineteen are described as new and six are new reports for Australia. Graphina abdita, G. aquilonia, G. atramontana, G. atrocelata, G. atronitens, G. borealis, G. boweniana, G. celata, G. daintriensis, G. elaiocarpa, G. incisa, G. lumbschii, G. lumbschii var. deficiens, G. montoensis, G. nothofagi, G. psoromica, G. radicicola, G. rufopruinosa, and G. salazinica are described as new species and Graphina acharii, G. contorta, G. gracilescens, G. hiascens, G. mendax and G. pallido-ochracea are reported as new to Australia. In addition G. fissofurcata is reported to be saxicolous as well as corticolous. A lectotype is selected for G. pallido-ochracea. A key to the species found in Australia is given.


Graphina abdita A.W.Archer, p. 160
Graphina aquilonia A.W.Archer, p. 160
Graphina atramontana A.W.Archer, p. 161
Graphina atrocelata A.W.Archer, p. 161
Graphina atronitens A.W.Archer, p. 162
Graphina borealis A.W.Archer, p. 162
Graphina boweniana A W.Archer, p. 163
Graphina celata A.W.Archer, p. 164
Graphina daintriensis A.W.Archer, p. 164
Graphina elaiocarpa A.W.Archer, p. 165
Graphina incisa A.W.Archer, p. 166
Graphina lumbschii A.W.Archer, p. 166
Graphina lumbschii A.W.Archer var. deficiens A.W.Archer, p. 167
Graphina montoensis A.W.Archer, p. 168
Graphina nothofagi A.W.Archer, p. 168
Graphina psoromica A.W.Archer, p. 169
Graphina radicicola A.W.Archer, p. 169
Graphina rufopruinosa A.W.Archer, p. 170
Graphina salazinica A.W.Archer, p. 176

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