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Crane, J. L. & A. G. Jones. Nomenclatural and taxonomic revision in the Meliolaceae. Mycotaxon 77: 145-151. 2001.

ABSTRACT: New names are proposed for: 1. Amazonia psychotriae var. major (Gaillard) Hansf. (1961), a later homonym of var. major Hansf. (1954), and 2. Meliola castanopsidis Budathoki & P. N. Singh (1994), a later homonym of Meliola castanopsis Hansf. (1948). - 3. A comb. nov. at species rank is needed under Irenopsis for Meliola aciculosa var. verbenae. - 4. A new species of Meliola is recognized, typified by a specimen erroneously cited as a paratype of Irene cubitella. - 5. The name Meliola combinans Cif. is validated and lectotypified, and lectotypes are designated for 6. Asteridiella glabra var. isertiae, and 7. Meliola galopinae. - 8. Correction is needed for the host name cited for Meliola chasaliae. -9. The nomenclature of Meliola evansii and M. scolopiae is reassessed, and two varietal names are transferred to M. evansii. - 10.A new name is provided for M. evansii sensu auct. non Doidge (1920).- 11. The sanctioned name Meliola psidii is conserved over the earlier synonym M. trichostroma, and two varieties published under the latter species name require transfer to M. psidii.

KEYWORDS: Amazonia, Asteridiella, Irenopsis, Meliola

Amazonia psychrotriae (Henn.) Theiss. var. hansfordiana J.L.Crane & A.G.Jones, p. 145
Irenopsis verbenae (Cif.) J.L.Crane & A.G.Jones, p. 146
Meliola austro-americana J.L.Crane & A.G.Jones, p. 146
Meliola castanopsicola J.L.Crane & A.G.Jones, p. 146
Meliola combinans Cif. ex J.L.Crane & A.G.Jones, p. 147
Meliola evansii Doidge var. indica (Hosag.) J.L.Crane & A.G.Jones, p. 149
Meliola evansii Doidge var. zeylanica (Hansf.) J.L.Crane & A.G.Jones, p. 149
Meliola psidii Fr.:Fr. var. macrospora (Bat. & Peres) J.L.Crane & A.G.Jones, p. 150
Meliola psidii Fr.:Fr. var. olecranonis (F.Stevens & Tehon) J.L.Crane & A.G.Jones, p. 150
Meliola pterocelastri J.L.Crane & A.G.Jones, p. 149

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