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Chen, Jian-bin. The lichen family Physciaceae (Ascomycota) in China II. Two new species of Heterodermia. Mycotaxon 77: 101-105. 2001.

ABSTRACT: Two new species of the genus Heterodermia from China are described: Heterodermia orientalis J. B. Chen et D. P. Wang and Heterodermia sinocomosa J. B. Chen. H. orientalis differs from other members of this genus in containing a UV+ substance and a glaucous pigment (K-). H. sinocomosa is distinguished from H. comosa by the presence of K+ purple pigment, having pruina at apices of lobes, and lacking soredia.

KEYWORDS: new species, Heterodermia orientalis, Heterodermia sinocomosa, China

Heterodermia orientalis J.B.Chen & D.P.Wang, p. 102
Heterodermia sinocomosa J.B.Chen, p. 104

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