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Adamcík, Slavomír & Karol Marhold. Taxonomy of the Russula xerampelina group. I. Morphometric study of the Russula xerampelina group in Slovakia. Mycotaxon 76: 463-479. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Morphometric analyses were performed on 67 fruitbodies of Russula sect. Xerampelinae with prevailingly purple, purple-brown and red-brown cuticle from coniferous forests collected in selected localities in Slovakia. Multivariate methods used include principal components analysis and canonical discriminant analysis. Sixty-one characters were measured or scored for each fruitbody. Many of the traditionally used characters were precisely defined or modified, especially micromorphological characters of spores and pileus epicutis. The observed material is composed from three morphologically and ecologically defined groups. The group of fritbodies with purple-brown or red-brown cuticle of pileus is labelled as group A and the other two groups with purple cuticle of pileus as group B. We suggest to classify groups A and B as species. Variability observed within fruitbodies of group B from Záhorská nízina lowland and from other localities is regarded as infraspecific, and we suggest to range it on the level of variety.

KEYWORDS: Russulales, Russula xerampelina, Russula erythropoda, multivariate morphometrics, Slovakia


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