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Dai, Yu-Cheng, Xiao-Qing Zhang & Tong-Xin Zhou. Changbai wood-rotting fungi 12. Species of Hymenochaete (Basidiomycota). Mycotaxon 76: 445-450. 2000.

ABSTRACT: This paper summarizes the present knowledghe of Hymenochaete Lév. in northern China. Nine species have been found in the area, and a key for these species is given. A new species, H. macrospora Y. C. Dai, is described and illustrated. It is characterized by its annual, yellowish brown basidiocarps, and large, broadly ellipsoid spores. The genus contains two additional species with large spores: H. sphaerospora Léger & Lanquetin and H. senatoumbrina Parmasto. However, the former species is perennial, and it has a grayish hymenium and globose spores. H. senatoumbrina has ellipsoid to subcylindric spores that are narrower than those of H. macrospora (5.5-7 x 3-4 µm vs. 5-7 x 3.8-5.1 µm), and its setae are shorter than those in the new species (50-70 x 6-10 µm vs. 64-125 x 6-13 µm). H. semistupposa Petch is newly reported from China.

KEYWORDS: Changbai Mts., China, Hymenochaete, H. macrospora, H. semistupposa, taxonomy, wood-rotting fungi

Hymenochaete macrospora Y. C. Dai, p. 446

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