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Esteve-Raventós, F. & M. Villarreal. Type study of Lepista rickenii (Tricholomatales) and description of L. panaeolus var. paxilloides var. nov. Mycotaxon 76: 399-409. 2000.

ABSTRACT: After the revision of the holotype of Lepista rickenii Singer, we conclude that this is most probably contaxic with L. multiforme (Romell) Gulden. The new taxon L. panaeolus var. paxilloides is proposed and described, found in a mixed mediterranean forest in Spain. This last probably represents, at least in part, some authors' concept of L. rickenii. Drawings of microcharacters for both taxa are given.

KEYWORDS: Lepista rickenii, L. multiforme, L. ovispora, L. panaeolus var. paxilloides, Tricholomatales, Quercus ilex, Pinus pinea, Spain

Lepista panaeolus (Fr.) P. Karst. var. paxilloides Esteve-Rav. & M. Villarreal, p. 403

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