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Akers, Brian P., Sherri A. Angels & James W. Kimbrough. Leucoagaricus viridiflavoides, a new species from Florida, with notes on related taxa. Mycotaxon 76: 39-50. 2000.

ABSTRACT: A rare species of Lepiota s.l. with yellow flesh that bruises bluish-green was collected several times from a site in north central Florida in 1997. It is described here as a new species, Leucoagaricus viridiflavoides, related to Lepiota viridiflava Petch from Sri Lanka, Leucoagaricus "cyanotinctus" (TJB 7970) from Puerto Rico, and Leucocoprinus sulphurellus Pegler from the Lesser Antilles. Leucocoprinus sulphurellus is transferred to Leucoagaricus here, based on microscopic study.


Leucoagaricus sulphurellus (Pegler) B. P. Akers, p. 48
Leucoagaricus viridiflavoides B. P. Akers & Angels, p. 41

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