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Guo, Ying-Lan. Studies on Cercospora and allied genera in China VI. Mycotaxon 76: 367-371. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Two new species, Mycovellosiella clematidis Y. L. Guo on Clematis sp. and Mycovellosiella codonopsis Y. L. Guo on Codonopsis sp. are described and illustrated and the following one new combination and four new records for China are introduced, Pseudocercospora vaccinii (Kats. & Kob.) Y. L. Guo, Cercospora commelinicola Chupp ex U. Braun, Cercospora cosmi Chidd., Cercospora ratibidae Ellis & Barthol. and Cercospora sonchi Chupp. Specimens examined are deposited in HMAS.

KEYWORDS: Mycovellosiella, M. clematidis, M. codonopsis, new records, China

Mycovellosiella clematidis Y. L. Guo, p. 367
Mycovellosiella codonopsis Y. L. Guo, p. 369
Pseudocercospora vaccinii (Katsuki & Tak. Kobay.) Y. L. Guo, p. 370

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