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Góes-Neto, Aristóteles, Clarice Loguercio-Leite & Rosa T. Guerrero. Poroid Hymenochaetales in a seasonal tropical forest fragment in the State of Bahia, Brazil: taxonomy and qualitative ecological aspects. Mycotaxon 76: 197-211. 2000.

ABSTRACT: This work comprised a two-year study on diversity and some qualitative ecological aspects of poroid Hymenochaetales in a seasonal tropical forest fragment in Bahia, Brazil. 176 specimens of 10 distinct species were collected: Aurificaria luteo-umbrina (Rom.) Reid, Phylloporia pectinata (Kl.) Ryv., Phellinus calcitratus (Berk. & Curt.) Ryv., Ph. extensus (Lév.) Pat., Ph. gilvus (Schw.) Pat., Ph. grenadensis (Murr.) Ryv., Ph. melleoporus (Murr.) Ryv., Ph. membranaceus Wright & Blumenf., Ph. palmicola (Berk. & Curt.) Ryv., Ph. rimosus (Berk.) Pilát. Most of the species occurred in fallen wood or standing dead trees in partially or completely shadowed sites. 50% of species are typically neotropical. Phellinus gilvus was the most frequent species in number of collected specimens as well as in monthly occurrence along sampling period.

KEYWORDS: Poroid Hymenochaetales, Diversity, Seasonal Tropical Forest, Bahia, Brazil


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