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Blaszkowski, Janusz, Mariusz Tadych & Tadeusz Madej. Glomus minutim, a new species in Glomales (Zygomycetes) from Poland. Mycotaxon 76: 187-195. 2000.

ABSTRACT: An ectocarpic species of the genus Glomus, G. minutum (Glomales, Zygomycetes), was discovered in the rhizosphere soils of plants colonizing maritime sand dunes of northwestern Poland. Glomus minutum is characterized by the formation of small, hyaline spores with a wall consisting of two components: a smooth, permanent outer component, and a laminate inner component. None of them stains in Melzer's reagent. Mycorrhizae formed by G. minutum in one-species cultures with Plantago lanceolata consisted of arbuscules, intra- and extramatrical hyphae.

KEYWORDS: Glomales, mycorrhizae, arbuscular fungi, Zygomycetes

Glomus minutum Blaszk., Tadych & Madej, p. 189

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