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Gerber, Alexandra Lehmkuhl & Clarice Loguercio-Leite. Polyporoid wood-rotting fungi (Basidiomycetes) II - new records from southern Brazil. Mycotaxon 76: 175-185. 2000.

ABSTRACT: A survey of polyporoid fungi on wood from Santa Catarina State (26° 00' to 30° 00' S lat, 48° 30' to 54° 00' W long) and Paraná State (22° 30' to 26° 45' S lat, 48° 00' to 54° 30' W long) resulted in new records of Basidiomycetes (Phragmo- and Holobasidiomycetidae). Of them 14 are new records for Santa Catarina State, and 5 for Paraná State. Aporpium dimidiatum, Phellinus grenadensis, Megasporoporia setulosa and Skeletocutis diluta are new records for Brazil, and Rigidoporus amazonicus is recorded for the second time in the world. Two species (Henningsia brasiliensis and Hydnopolyporus fimbriatus) are new records for Santa Catarina Island.

KEYWORDS: polyporoid fungi, biodiversity, Polyporaceae, taxonomy, Basidiomycetes


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